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Internet Safety for Kids!

We at Stories for Children Magazine have put together some fun links and information for parents, teachers, and children. We hope you'll find enjoyment, but we also want to touch on a few safety tips you can share with your children when it comes to the Internet. 

There are sites out there that are fun and safe for children, but you still need to be careful not to download, share, and give out personal information such as:

  • Your full name
    Home address
  • Home or cell phone numbers
  • The name of the school you attend
  • Names of teams you play on
  • Friends or sibling names
    The city you live in or street name
    Don't share your email address with people you don't know. (That means anyone you met over the internet because you don't really know them!)
    Never agree to meet anyone you met over the internet anywhere
    Always get your parent/guardian's permission to register for anything over the internet (such as contest, websites, etc.)
    Only chat in a chat room that your parent/guardian has monitored and approved
    If someone says something you don't like, tell your parent/guardian immediately
    Never download files without permission of an adult
    And never give any credit card or bank information out without adult supervision

Coming Soon!