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SFC Contributors

Stories for Children Magazine, an online magazine for children ages 3-12 that launched in spring of 2006. 


Recognition and Awards 

  • Outstanding Website Award 2009 from the Disability Network
  • Approval from Family Friendly Sites
  • Approval from KidZui
  • One of the Top 100 Sites for Teachers
  • Numerous top ten finalist awards in the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll


Updated 8/30/2012

From the time of its inception back in 2006, Stories for Children Magazine has produced over 50 issues and one anthology to date. This little ezine for children has brought joy, fun and adventure in the World of Ink to thousands of readers around the world; along with helping first time authors see their dreams come true.

As of  September 1, 2012, SFC Publishing, LLC will be closing the doors to future downloadable issues of Stories for Children Magazine. We had hoped for a gradual process of retiring Stories for Children Magazine, however reasons beyond our control have caused us to close sooner than expected. Our online community and website will stay active with Youth Submissions, Featured Guest interviews from new and unknown authors/illustrators; along with sharing a past title from one of our issues on the site each month and possibly a new title here and there. We also plan on producing a few anthologies from the best titles of Stories for Children Magazine in coming months/years and announcing Granny Award Winners from our past volume years. We will also launch a few contests here on our site.

The final issue, Stories for Children 2012 Back-to-School Vol. 5 Issue 3, will be published in September 2012.

Stories for Children Magazine will continue to be sold through LuLu's online and online where available.

All rights have been granted back to our contributors as of this date and all titles selected for future issues will not be published on our site or in any other publication by us. All payments will be made asap. We thank you for your support and wish you the best. If you have any questions, please contact VS Grenier at



Youth (17 and under) Submission Guidelines:

Stories for Children Magazine, an Ezine for children ages 3 to 12, publishes short stories, articles, poems, arts & crafts, recipes, and interviews with children's book authors and/or illustrators.

§ Stories for Children Magazine is a nonpaying market for youth contributors.

§ Content should be age appropriate. 

§ Stories for Children Magazine is not a themed magazine, but there are holidays and subjects we’d love to cover. Submissions based on a holiday are due at least three months in advance of that particular issue. All other submissions are accepted any time of the year.

§ Stories for Children Magazine only accepts email submissions.

§ Response time is about four weeks. 

§ Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Please notify us immediately if your submission is accepted elsewhere.

§ Send only one submission per email.


Only email submissions are accepted. The only attachments allowed are Word document files with the .doc extension. Example: “mygreatstory.doc.” If you do not have MS Word, cut and paste your submission into the body of your email.

Make sure to put "Youth Submission" in the subject line. A Minor Release form will be sent to you once your title is accepted. Please send this back asap so we can publish your piece on the Stories for Children Magazine website. 

Send a separate email for each submission. 

Make sure you include: A cover letter, the title of the piece, the theme or issue if any, exact word count for all submissions including poetry, age group, category, and a short bio of 50 words or fewer, written in third-person. All submissions must be single-spaced with no indentations, and a blank line to indicate paragraphs.

We do not accept author/illustrator submissions. 


READ ALOUD STORIES (ages 3-6): Easy-to-read stories, humorous tales, fantasy, fables and myths. WORD COUNT: 150 TO 400

EARLY READERS (ages 7-9): Realistic fiction, humorous tales, satire, fantasy, fairy tales, science fiction, fables, light scary stories, mysteries and myths. WORD COUNT: 400 to 800

MIDDLE READERS (ages 10-12): Realistic fiction, humorous tales, satire, fantasy, fairy tales, science fiction, fables, scary stories, mysteries and myths. WORD COUNT: 500 to 1200

Note: No rhyming prose in story format will be accepted.


POEMS: Include only one poem per email with cover letter. Length for poetry should not exceed 16 lines and should use simple beats and short lines. Length for a rebus should not exceed 250 words max. Our readers prefer simple, fun, rhyming poetry and rebuses.


NONFICTION CATEGORIES: Nature, animals, science, technology, environment, foreign culture, history, and biographies to name a few. 

Use at least three primary sources with up-to-date information. This means Internet resources (Wikipedia should not be used), adult reference books or magazines, interviews with experts, previously published books--but not children's books. You cannot use only Internet resources. Your bibliography will be checked. We highly suggest you have an expert in the field you’re writing about review your article for accuracy.

We also like to see engaging articles that read more like a story or have a “wow” factor. Kids read enough book reports and textbooks at school.

DISCOVERY (ages 3-6): Learning about the world around them. WORD COUNT: 150 to 400

HOW AND WHY (ages 7-9): Understanding the how and why of things. WORD COUNT: 400 to 800

TELL ME MORE (ages 10-12): Covering the basics and digging deeper for a better understanding of their world. WORD COUNT: 500 to 1200

REPRINTS: Stories for Children Magazine will publish reprints where the author still owns the rights and includes the information of the title’s first publication prior to our magazine. We will check with the first publication to make sure the transfer of rights is still with the author.

Photographs: Photos are welcome as attachments in jpeg format. Proper credit must be given to the photographer. All photographs submitted must have a photo release permission form attached to be accepted. There is no payment for photographs.



1. Send only Word Doc. Formats (i.e.—name of file.doc) as an attachment; otherwise, you need to copy and paste your submission into the body of your email. 

2. Email subject line must have: the title of your submission, c