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2008 Granny Awards

The Editorial Staff at Stories for Children Magazine will be recognizing their "Personal Favorite Contribution" over the past year with the Second Annual Granny Awards! This award is named after two SFC editors since they are "Grannies".


There will be First, Second, and Third Place awards, broken down by age.


“Children’s Writers and Illustrators are putting on their best attire in preparation for the Second Annual Stories for Children 'Granny' Awards. The red carpet is lined with readers from across the globe waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite authors and illustrators,” reports Penny from the World of Ink Post.


Cameras flash as the first limo pulls up to the SFC Offices where this year's Granny Awards Ceremony is being held. The ushers open the doors. Out steps Stanley Bookman the SFC Mascot followed by VS Grenier, Owner and Editor-in-Chief.




“What an outfit Stanley is wearing tonight. He must be very excited to be hosting the Granny Awards again this year,” comments Penny. “Look at the dress Mrs. Grenier is wearing. It’s something right out of a fairytale. I don’t think Cinderella’s dress could compare. Oh and look . . . the other SFC Team members are pulling up. And they are wearing outfits many of the Hollywood starlets dream about for their red carpet appearance. What a dashing team indeed.”




Penny crosses the rope to speak with some of the SFC Team members. “Mrs. Grenier . . . a few words please?”




VS Grenier joins Penny on the sidelines as SFC Contributors make their way inside, dressed for the occasion.




“The Editorial Staff at Stories for Children Magazine has continued to have an award recognizing their ‘Personal Favorite Contributions’ for 2008. The award is named after two of SFC’s editors since they are ‘Grannies’. Can you tell our viewers tonight in the World of Ink what plans you have for SFC in the upcoming months,” asks Penny.




“It’s been another year of growth,” replies VS Grenier. “Our readers have seen many changes and there are still more to come, from our new blog called SFC: Families Matter to our new parent company - Stories for Children Publishing, LLC. But it’s our contributors I really need to thank tonight. Without them, there would not be a Stories for Children Magazine. They freely donate their talents each month and that is why the editorial staff and I are thrilled to continue with this award.”




“Thank you, Mrs. Grenier.”




VS Grenier strolls inside to join in the celebration with the winners and SFC Team.




Inside Stanley Bookman walks up to the microphone. He begins, "Welcome everyone to the Second Annual SFC GRANNY Awards! We would like to thank you for coming out. I know many of our contributors and readers are here today along with some new faces.  




It's been a fun and busy year here at Stories for Children Magazine. For me, I've enjoyed getting to know all the readers and their parents. Bringing them fun reading tips and information about monthly holidays and events has been rewarding. It’s been also fun getting to know our new SFC Team members and SFC Contributors. Many of whom helped to tell my story about how I came to be a part of the SFC Team. I would also like to thank each and every one of you for your support of me and Stories for Children Magazine.




And now, I'll turn the floor over to VS Grenier, Editor-n-Chief and Owner of Stories for Children Magazine." 


The room breaks into applause. VS Grenier clears her throat and flashes a big smile.



"Thank you, Stanley." VS Grenier looks out at all the readers, contributors, and supporters of SFC. "I'm so happy to be here tonight. There has been so much growth and change here at SFC. Our readers have seen many changes and there are still many more to come. One of the biggest changes has been the recent inclusion of all the different SFC publications under one roof. Even though the whole SFC Team works in a virtual office, we are now all under a parent company. In March of this year, Stories for Children Publishing, LLC was launched! Now our magazine, newsletter, blog, and services we plan to offer will be under one main company. This is a great time for us. With this change we hope to bring SFC Magazine into a paying market soon, offer writers different services such as: workshops, editorial help, and much more. We also hope to offer teachers and parents different services and educational tools to get our young readers more excited about reading and writing.




SFC has much to be happy about, but in the end, it is I who needs to say ‘Thank You’ to all of you for being supportive and cheerleaders to Stories for Children Magazine. I’ve been blessed to know some of you personally and to also be working with one of the best magazine teams there is. Every one of the SFC Team members gives whole-heartedly to SFC every month. They do this without pay or compensation. Their talents and dedication is just the icing on the cake. Our SFC Contributors are wonderful and as dedicated as the team behind Stories for Children Magazine.




Thank you everyone for being a part of the SFC family. Each and every one of you is an important part of what make Stories for Children Magazine what is it today.




And now to what you’ve all been waiting for . . . the SFC 2008 Granny Award Winners! The different categories for the 2008 Annual SFC “Granny” Awards are:








Young Author


Cover Art (new this year)


Inside Artwork



In the Fiction Category: 1st place - How Jack Found His Balance by Maureen Strake ages 3-62nd place- What's Missing? by Janie Emaus ages 3-63rd place - Calendar Pants by Jason Toupence ages 3-61st place- Emelda Emerson Knew How to be Pretty by Pat Parker ages 7-92nd place - A Mysterious Message by Carole Brooks ages 7-93rd place - Full Moon by Billy Burgess ages 7-91st place - Robby Fuller Swallows a Fly by Valerie Collins ages 10-122nd place - Tempting Fate by Gilda A. Herrera ages 10-123rd place - Ruth and Naomi by Bonita Pate Davis ages 10-12Poetry:1st place - Ooddles of Poodles by Shannon Griffis2nd place - Lobsters by Karen Jobst3rd place - I'm Gonna Be by Linda RamsdenNonfiction:1st place - A Wildflower's Little Helper by Janine Langley-Wood ages 3-62nd place - I Am A Snag by Jody Little ages 3-63rd place - Your Fabulous Fingers by Joanne P. Johnson ages 3-61st place - Look Out! That Bug's Loaded by Sandie Lee (Yes, you can congrats Sandie) ages 7-92nd place - Don't Pet the Working Dog by Vicki Miller Livesay ages 7-93rd place - Acro-Bats by Liana Mahoney ages 7-91st place - My Dog Survived Hurricane Katrina by Lisa Cook ages 10-122nd place - Snatching a Moment with Satch by Randi Lynn Mrvos ages 10-123rd place - The Code Talkers by Annie Laurie Smith ages 10-12Cover Art:1st place - Livia Coloji for the September cover2nd place - Angela C. Hawkins for the December cover3rd place - Kevin Scott Collier for the February coverInside Artwork:1st place - Aja Wells for Miss Ladybug2nd place - Feras Nouf for Boy in Reverse3rd place - Candace J. Hardy for Come PlayYouth Authors:1st place - Amanda Liska for Cookie Monster Mystery 2nd place - Crystal Crowell for The Big Stink3rd place - Rachel Banks for The Secret




Thank you everyone for being here tonight. We have been taking pictures of the 2008 Granny Award Winners this evening and plan to post a video of the winners later this month on the SFC Magazine site. We hope you’ll come back and watch the video and read their acceptance speeches, too.”




Penny, standing in a corner of the banquet hall turns to her camera man. “It’s been an exciting evening. As you heard from Stanley Bookman and VS Grenier . . . Stories for Children Publishing isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The SFC Contributors and SFC Team members look really thrilled about the upcoming additions and announcements.




The World of Ink hasn’t heard the last of what SFC plans to bring to our young readers, their parents, and teachers.




This is Penny Penman reporting for the World of Ink Post wishing you all a goodnight.”