The SFC Annual GRANNY Awards 2007


Stanley Bookman walks up to the microphone. He begins, "Welcome everyone to the SFC First Annual GRANNY Awards! We would like to thank you for coming out. I know many of our contributors and readers are here today along with some new faces.  

It's been a fun and busy first year here at Stories for Children Magazine. For me, I've enjoyed getting to know all the readers and their parents. Bringing them fun reading tips and information about monthly holidays and events has been rewarding. I thank each and every one of you for your support of me and Stories for Children Magazine.
And now, I'll turn the floor over to VS Grenier, Editor of Stories for Children Magazine." 

"Thank you, Stanley." VS Grenier looks out at all the readers, contributors, and supports of SFC. "I'm so happy to be here today. But I do have to admit that it was Gayle Jacobson-Huset who came up with the GRANNY Awards. She has been my cheerleader since the first issue and I'm so glad that she is part of the SFC team. She truly loves each and every one of the contributors who submit to us. Gayle, Wendy, Selena, and Chrissy have been just wonderful to work with. They do their best not only for Stories for Children Magazine, but also for each contributor they interact with. I've never seen a team so devoted to working with others in all my years.  

I also am so grateful to all our contributors. Many have been with us from the first issues, others are just joining us, and many give of their time when they can. I'm also thankful for all our readers and supporters. Without each and every one of you, SFC wouldn't be making the headway we are today. 

It's been a year of growth. Our readers have seen many changes and there are still many more to come. There would NOT BE a Stories for Children Magazine if it wasn't for each and every one of you here today. The SFC contributors give freely of their talents each month, donating their time to write and illustrate for you, our readers. That is why the editoral staff and I rallied around Gayle's idea of an award.  

And with that, here are the 2007 GRANNY Award Winners!"
2007 GRANNY Award-winners in Fiction: 

Age Group 3-6 year olds 

1st Place Colors by Meera Desai Shah (published June 07)

2nd Place Where Do Gnats Go at Night? by Trisha Sisson Brimball (published June 07)

3rd Place Jingo Did It! by Roy Kindelberger (published Dec. 07)


Age Group 7-9 year olds 

1st Place Jay's Magic Box by Heather Cuthbertson (published Dec. 07)

2nd Place Snowman's Face is Missing by Rachel Hamby (published Dec. 07)

3rd Place How I Found the Perfect Pet by Carol Iverson (published Oct. 07)


Age Group 10-12 year olds 

1st Place Wind-Song by Jeanette Marchand (published Sept. 07)

2nd Place Harvest of Friendship by Clinton C. Pickett (published Sept. 07)

3rd Place Going to Vote by Kate Lott (published Aug. 07)

2007 GRANNY Award-winners in Poetry:
1st Place Under a Blanket of Stars by Ellen Birkett Morris (published Nov. 07)

2nd Place Mango Lime Tango by Jennifer Jesseph (published Aug. 07)

3rd Place Berry-Licious by Glenys Eskdale (published Dec. 07)
2007 GRANNY Award-winners in Non-Fiction:
Age Group 3-6 year olds 

1st Place Names of Shoes by Jennifer Jesseph (published Aug. 07)

2nd Place Exploring Silent Sounds by Joanne Linden (published July 07)

3rd Place What's a Sea Treasure That Barks? by Zariah (published July 07)


Age Group 7-9 year olds 

1st Place A Trip with Words by Jenny Moore (published April 07)

2nd Place Sticks and Stones Won't Break My Bones by Nidhi Kamra (published Oct. 07)

3rd Place Tasmania's Little Pouched Devil by Nadia Ali (published May 07)


Age Group 10-12 year olds 

1st Place Mysteries of Chaco Canyon by Randi Lynn Mrvos (published Aug. 07)

2nd Place Australia's Prehistoric Ice Forest by Mary Reina (published June 07)

3rd Place Batty About Batts by Cathy Witbeck (published April 07)
2007 GRANNY Award-winners in Young Author:
(This category recognizes young talent by authors ages 17 and younger) 

1st Place Eli & Me by Gabrielle Linnell

2nd Place The Terror of the Happy Grocery by Renata Wettermann

3rd Place Zack's Adventure by Jeremy Walker
2007 GRANNY Award-winners in Illustration/Artwork: 
1st Place Laura Gonzales for "A Moving Tradition" (published Dec. 07)

2nd Place Marie Letourneau for "Let the Music Out" (published Nov. 07)

3rd Place Rosemarie Gillen for "Ten Busy Buzzing Bees" (published Sept. 07)