SFC Young Authors

My Earth (1st Place Winner at RME 2011) 

By: Sadie Gubler, 3rd grade

The Butterfly (3rd Place Winner at RME 2011) 

By: Cassie Kreyling, 3rd grade


Sounds at Sea 

By: Jada Goksan



Rubbing Your Dog the Wrong Way 

By: Sharonda McPhee



My Cookie Story  

By: Micah Klein

The Rising Thunder

By: Rachel Banks

What I Found in My Desk 

By: Halle Larson, age 11

The Story of Stanley Bookman, 2nd place winner

By: Evan Cottrell, age 10

Roman Farming

By: Aniket Shah, 5th grader

The Hidden Log Cabin

 By: Halle Larson, age 10

The Secret
By: Rachel Banks, age 13 

Eli & Me
By: Gabrielle Linnell

Mother of Presidents
By: Seth Grenier, age 11

By: Ava Crowley, age 8







Yanpia: the Desert of the Wave 

By: Tomer Yifrach



Painting with Style 

By: Christian Menzies



Battle at Buttercup Grove 

By: Malia Lukomski, age 12



The Big Booms 

By: Kimberly Kay



Pegasus Flight

By: Kimberly Kay

The Easter Bunny's Bad Day 

By: Avery Larson, age 8

The Goo Monster

By: Evan Nicholson, young author



Jungle's Nature
By: Alec Dubois, young author

Cheese Puff and the Magic Wand

 By: Adam Bone, age 10

Youth Author 1st Place Winner Picture Contest

By: Sindhu Ramachandra, a fifth grader

The Terror of the Happy Grocery
By: Renata Wettermann

The Moon
By: Hana Calvez, Young Author

Zack's Adventure
By: Jeremy Walker 









Ocean's Friend (Honorable Winner at RME 2011) 

By: Madysen Seegmiller, 4th grade


When I Was a Baby 

By: Christian Menzies, 3rd grade


How to Write a Story 

By: Megan Mellinger


The Spooky Night 

By: Eden Ainscough 

Mama’s Baby 

By: Mari Cobb, age 11

The Frog with a Frog in His Throat 

By: Andrew Straka, age 6


Cookie Monster Mystery
By: Amanda Liska, age 8

The Big Stink
By: Crystal Crowell, age 11

The Story of Stanley Bookman, 1st place winner
By: Caitlin Pierce, age 12

The Space in My Heart
By: Joshua Hollander, age 11
Youth Author 2nd Place Winner Picture Contest

The Adventures of Ali
By: Melisa Eyuboglu, Age 10

Tanks A Lot
By: Seth Grenier, age 10

Meet Melisa Eyuboglu, published Youth Author