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The World of Ink Network hopes to help those who love to write learn how to write quality stories and articles—so readers will never want for good material, in any form, and to bring information to help them in their daily lives from tips to interviews with those who write, illustrate, work with and around  the publishing industry. 

VS Grenier and Marsha Casper Cook have always believed in helping others down the road to publication and have a great team to help do just that.


Manuscript Critique Service

Critiques are designed to help us become better writers. We all need our stories looked at by others who have experience in the writing world. Yes, it is true joining a critique group does help, but what if your group doesn't have anyone who has been published? Let a seasoned author, book reviewer, editor and/or agent take a look.

Please contact us for pricing.

Note: In the comments section on the form include the genre of the manuscript, approx word count and date you would like the critique.

Editing Service

You've done the best you can with your writing. You even had a critique partner, a friend who is an English teacher and a family member give you comments. However, there is more to making your manuscript polished for submission to a publisher or agent.

Don't be in a hurry to get your words into print or online. Publishing houses hire editors to make sure their authors produce the best work possible, however, they want manuscripts that need very little editing before acceptance. Why? Because the publishing houses are very busy with hundreds of manuscripts being published and they need to focus on formatting and final layout, instead of missing punctuation or incorrect grammar usage; not to mention character development, setting, narrative, pacing and much more.

As a writer, you are on your own to polish your manuscripts before submission and hiring a professional to help before you submit will increase your chances of acceptance.

Each manuscript needs it own unique combination of editing from substantive overall critique to pointing out bad writing habits, line editing to make your writing consistent, copy editing to correct grammar-spelling errors-punctuation so your manuscript doesn't look unprofessional, and educative editing to make your writing smooth and compelling so readers move effortlessly through your work.
Starting at $5 per page (final fee is based on editorial review)

Note: Each manuscript is given its own individual quote for editing based on page and word count. If you are still unsure, contact us via the form to request a phone conversation. We'll be more than happy to speak with you and let you know we are real people here to help you. 

We have a great team of editors ready to help you reach your writing and publishing goals.

eBook Publishing

Conversion of manuscript into EBook format and publishing on popular platforms such as Nook and Kindle.

Self-Publishing Formatting

Preparing manuscript for the format of any specific self-publishing imprint and submitting it to the publisher.

Screenplay Formatting

Converting screenplay into Final Draft and PDF versions, placing text in the proper format for studios to read.

Manuscript Formatting

Formatting Word Doc into proper submission format for publishers and agents per their guidelines.

Other Editorial Services Offered:  

Write Cover Letter and/or Book Synopses

Write Book Blurb & Author Bio for inside flap and/or back of book

Transcription - Typing up recorded notes, accurately and quickly

Starting at $30

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