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Viji K. Chary was born in India and immigrated to the United States at the age of two. Her passion for writing stories began in elementary school and has evolved from coaching children in various activities; including gymnastics, classroom activities and creative competitions. Her stories have been published in Highlights for Children, Ladybug Magazine, Hopscotch for Girls and many more. 

Porcupine's Seeds

Publisher: 4RV Publishing

ISBN Number: 978-0983801849

Publication Date: February 2012

Genre of Book: Children's Picture Book

Author: Viji K. Chary

Illustrator: Bridget McKenna

About the Book: 

Porcupine longs to grow beautiful sunflowers in his garden, just like Raccoon. When Raccoon Gives Porcupine seeds, she says that all they need is soil, sun, and water. But growing sunflowers is not easy for Porcupine.

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4RV Publishing,, B&N


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