Tom Listul & Heather Listul Hewitt 

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Tom Listul wrote Monkey Made Dream with his daughter, Heather Listul Hewitt, when she was eight years old. A farmer from southwest Minnesota, he is also a singer/songwriter. Listul made Monkey Made Dream into a children’s song and has sang it at numerous coffee houses and children’s classrooms. Hewitt is now a speech-language pathologist, who works for a school district with students of all ages. She enjoys helping children develop literacy skills and a love for reading. 

Monkey Made Dream is a fictional children's story about a little girl who wakes up to find a big surprise - there is a monkey in her brother's bed! She experiences a whole day with the monkey from getting him dressed to taking him to school, and she wonders all along if her brother has really changed into a monkey. The book captures a magical day with twists and turns as a little girl discovers that dreams can come true!

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN Number: 9781426949869

Publication Date: December 8, 2010


Author's: Tom Listul and Heather Listul Hewitt

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