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Maha Huneidi is a wife, mother and now grandmother, who finally found out what she wants to be when she grows up. This book is the first step of her journey. She lives in Portland, Oregon.


 Note from the Author: When I began writing this book, it was not about my granddaughter at all, but when I heard that she was afraid of monsters, it quickly became all about her. I wanted to empower her to take charge of her fear.


I sent my son a copy of "When Monsters Get Lonely" in a word file, with illustrations, just before I submitted it for publishing in April. Hanaa's parents immediately began reading it to her... Now, she sometimes tells her mother, "the monster touched my neck, but I made friends with him."


I think that Hanaa has found the courage to deal with her monster on her own now, and she still enjoys monster movies and monster stories!

When Monsters Get Lonely 

 Publisher: CreateSpace 

ISBN Number: 9781461063070 

Publication Date: June 2011


Book Blurb: One night, during a blackout, Hannah’s worst fear comes to life when her monster pays her a visit in the dark of night. Hannah finds it difficult to control her dreadful fear, until Gams reveals how our thoughts magically create our lives.


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Genre of Book: Children’s Picture Book

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